About us

Nakamichi Corporation is one of the world's premier manufacturers of high quality. High performance audio/ video and multimedia equipment. Long renowned for the sophistication of its home audio and mobile sounds systems. The company continues to introduce leading edge products that are widely available throughout the United States and Canada. As well as throughout the world.

Founded in 1948 by the late Etsuro Nakamichi, the company initially designed and develop portable radios, tone arms, speakers and communication equipment. Within three years, a open –reel tape recorder was introduced and by 1957, the Company was also manufacturing magnetic heads and tape recorders.

Nakamichi Research studied methods of reducing the noise common to early tape recording. The result was a consumer high fidelity deck using a simplified form of Dolby's complex tape heads and mechanism Nakamichi could design. Nakamichi research became licensee Number 1 for the new Dolby noise reduction system, and the product of this innovation, a reel-to reel deck, was introduced in 1969 under the KLH brand name. Nakamichi Went on to build the world's first Dolby –equipped , high bias-capable cassette deck for advent. Another leading marketer of the day.

By 1972, Consumer reports rated decks built by Nakamichi and sold under other brand names –number –1,2,5 and 7 in its roster of best performers. The first product to bear The Nakamichi name was a cassette deck designed to provide reel to reel quality sound. When the Nakamichi 1000 was introduced in 1972, it was quickly established as one of the most influential audio electronic products. In history. Reversing the belief that cassette couldn't be hi-fi.

It was the biggest. Most costly and most complex deck ever devised. It was packed full of features that had never been used for cassette. from its three heads and fully electronic transport controls to its azimuth adjustment system and peak reading meters. The Nakamichi 1000 proved out in a single stroke all of the design approaches that were to be used in the top-line cassette decks that followed.

Over Many years, Innovations continued to roll from the research and development activities at Nakamichi. Including those resulting from research into compact disc and other optical memory system. This created full range of high – end electronics products that extended the Nakamichi reputation for performance and quality.

Along with its prowess in technology, Nakamichi has long demonstrated its commitment to music in Tokyo. The company built a 102-seat concert hall as part of its Sound Research Center –a hall that has been used since 1977 to study live music under controlled conditions.

The Company's commitment to music is demonstrated also by support of the E. Nakamichi Foundation, established in1982 by Etsuro Nakamichi to reflect his love of classical . Baroque and other forms of music. The foundation sponsors concerts and musical competition, and provide grants and cultural exchange opportunities to promising musicians.

His only son Takeshi Nakamichi now spearheads research and development efforts.

The new millennium sees Nakamichi as the pre-eminent leader in the "design- driven "category of audio and home theater systems. A new and exciting range of Sound Space Systems: the 1, 2,3,5,8, and 21 have received the coveted and prestigious Consumer Electronic Association Innovation Award in 2000, 2001 and 2002 juried by the Industrial Designer Association of America.